NEW: JESSICA FARRAR'S 2020 Primary Endorsement “Having had the honor of representing Texas House District 148 for 25 years, I feel confident that Penny Morales Shaw is the candidate that will best represent the people of the district. Penny will be as focused on long-standing residents as she will be for our new neighbors, which has always been my concern as the district changed. Penny’s skills from two decades in the courtroom make her a fierce advocate for the district. Like me, she has unwavering support for public schools, access to healthcare, and the creation of job opportunities. And, I have full confidence that she will carry the torch fighting for women’s and GLBTQ rights as strongly, and stronger, as I have.
I ask for your support for Penny Morales Shaw.”

March 2020 Primary endorsements will be posted as they are awarded. Candidates go through an extensive and rigorous values-based vetting system to win civic and community group endorsements. The screening process includes asking each candidates questions about their qualifications, legislative priorities and their plan to win.

Penny is endorsed by democrat groups and a cross-section of community-based organizations and prominent community members. Endorsements are sought for each election separately. All listed Endorsements include both former endorsements granted for the November 2019 Special Election and new or renewed ones for 2020.

2020 Primary Endorsements

AFL-CIO Gulf Coast Labor

Houston Teachers Federation

Harris County Young Democrat

GLBT Caucus

Run Sister Run

Texas Organizing Project (TOP)

17,000+ Followers

Unite Here Local 22

Over 4,000+ Members

Communications Workers of America

Represents 700,000+ Workers in America

Our Revolution

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

Over 140,000 members


We pick Penny

  • County Treasurer Dylan Osborne
  • State Representative Ana Hernandez
  • Florida Cooper
  • Lenora Sorola- Pohlman
  • “I endorse Penny Morales Shaw for Representative of District 148 of the Texas House.” -Bob Mahan, Precinct Chair, Harris County Democratic Party
  • Gayle Falon
  • Judy Moran, Precinct Chair 44
  • Rosalind Caesar, Precinct Chair
  • Ginny McDavid
  • Mary Ramos, Lindale Community Leader
    Precinct Chair 270,
  • Darian Hewitt, Precinct Chair
  • Kevin J. Hoffman, Precinct Chair 207
  • Mauri Lucas, Precinct Chair 55
  • Wes Hart, Fmr. Precinct Chair 663
  • Jonathan Miller, Senate District 15 Chair
  • Jumpin’ Jess – Jesse Rodriguez
  • Richard Cortez, Precinct Chair
  • Juan & Ana Hernandez, Retired Firefighter & Business Owners
  • Michele Farrel
  • Audrey Lawton
  • Ricky Brown
  • Linda Morales
  • “Penny Shaw and I crossed paths years ago as we both served our constituents in our respective roles. There, I had the opportunity to observe and evaluate her passion and dedication to her work. Having the required legislative experience to represent District 148, Penny understands the importance of building a relationship with her constituents and is willing to listen to identify the problems and needs of her district. Ms. Shaw is ethical, honest, trustworthy and self-motivated. She is ready to work for the people not special interests to forge a future for District 148 that is a direct reflection of responsible governance. Join me in supporting Penny Shaw as the best qualified candidate to represent District 148 in the House of Representatives.” -Connie Esparza

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