Sound education is a fundamental building block for families and the community at large. We rely on strong, well-funded schools to support the growth and development that our children need and thrive on.

My children are a product of public education and all families should have the security that good schools will be there for them too. Teachers are what make schools special-they are the selfless, dedicated people who care about our children and their future.

I will advocate for parents, children and educators, to preserve and strengthen our school systems, and work vigorously with legislators to provide sustained funding for robust education.


Texas has the highest number of uninsured in the nation. While our population steadily grows, we face a shortage in healthcare and trauma centers.

Our seniors, children, families, employees, veterans all want and need meaningful, affordable, and accessible healthcare. We simply lack sufficient political will to move the needle on affordable healthcare in Texas.

I’m committed to finding ways to provide access to quality healthcare, people shouldn’t have to plunge into debt or poverty to have the medical care that they need.

Flood Recovery and Mitigation

It’s been more than 2 years since Harvey hit and there is much work to be done to rebuild homes, reimburse property owners, increase detention and conveyance capacity, and strengthen infrastructure.

As a State legislator, I will remain vigilant in fighting for the funding that was set aside for Harris County, but that is still pending. Flood concerns must stay front and center to ensure that funds are spent fairly, swiftly and responsibly to build protections designed to withstand serious future rain events.

Building codes and consumer protections that safeguard home owners and apartment dwellers from major losses are important measures.

Environmental Protection

Houston is home to the largest petro-chemical and related manufacturing industry, the inevitable by-product is increased pollutants in our air, water and land.  The same air, water and land that we recreation, work, and live on. Our industry is a boon to the economy, however, we endure unsafe levels of chemical releases and we have some of the highest cancer clusters in the region. 

People want and deserve to be safe in their enjoyment, work and living.  It’s particularly concerning that despite the need for protective legislation, there are instead, reductions in EPA oversight, numerous legislative bills introduced to reduce pollution standards, and measures proposed to lower penalties for environmental disaster perpetrators.

I am committed to a safe and healthy environment that we can all enjoy.


Availability, access, and transparency have always been fundamental tenants of our campaign. That won’t change when I am your State Representative. 

As a servant of the people, I look forward to sharing information,  listening to your concerns, and working together to realize solutions.

Jobs and the Economy

I will continue to stand with our workers and local businesses while working to create new high quality jobs that pay livable wages.

Women's Equality

Women have made great advancement in gender equality, yet we still suffer great inequity in just about every sector of society. Until women achieve equality, there will be exploitation in some form or fashion. Until we are adequately present, valued and heard, systems and structures will remain silently unfair.

Even though strong legislation has been put forth to address the disparity in earnings, pay parity has not been universally recognized nor practiced.

Women currently only make up about 23% of the Texas Legislature. Electing more women will not only amplify our voice, but will disrupt the process that has historically permitted the perpetuation of unequal treatment.

Criminal Justice

We are at the crossroads of ending an unconstitutional  practice of detaining poor people for minor offenses. This correction is a move in the direction of a more just and fair system. We are plagued with a system of mass incarceration that has led to public outcry for accountability and reexamination.

The public will continue to demand a just and fair system for the protection of people and for the betterment and overall safety of our community.  Criminal justice is about honest, lawful and fair application of the penal code.

Justice practiced at that high standard takes the cooperation, involvement and improvement of all levels of the system- from our law enforcement agencies to our judicial system. Bold advocacy at the law-making level is key to getting our justice system right.

Gun Safety and Gun Rights

I stand with Moms Demand Action and their principles of keeping the community safe with reasonable and protective gun legislation. Too many families are grieving their loved one’s untimely demise from senseless, unfettered gun use. One life taken, is one too many.


Our immigration laws should reflect the goodness of our community, including humane immigration laws, reuniting families, and ending unjust prolonged detainment. The administration has created an unhealthy system that is punitive and unwelcoming. Even legal immigration has been criminalized. 

I am committed to working to improve and update immigration policies that reflect the national concerns and address the modern-day needs.

LBGTQ+ Rights and Equality

Our current lack of policies protecting the rights of our LBGTQ+ community members is unacceptable. We must fight and demand superior coverage in our healthcare systems, protection against discrimination in the workplace, and equal rights in our criminal justice system.

This applies doubly to trans people of color who are discriminated against at an even higher rate. Putting these protections into law and enforcing them is the only way to halt this crisis.

On The Issues

I care about the headline issues, and a lot more. Gun control is important and so is mental health and the sense of community well-being. Rebuilding after the flood is critical and so is adequate, affordable, smart-design housing.

Economic empires sustain us, and we have to consciously sustain and protect the environment that underpins both the economy and humanity. Robust and permanent funding, is needed to revive our education system, it is equally important to understand taxpayer fatigue and balance all of that with budgetary prioritization and prudent spending.

Women’s rights, marginalized communities, LGBTQ, and the plight of immigrants all share the headlines. Persistent inequity and injustice demands sustained advocacy and bold political will to guarantee the practice of equal and fair treatment under the law. The law must reflect the inherent value of every human being.

Many more issues regularly and repeatedly circulate through the halls and offices of the Capitol, this is where opportunity for positive change and widespread benefit thrives. Send a representative with extensive working experience, that has fought for progress, and who can and will stand up to establishment politics. Choose a representative that will question the status quo and push for progress. Elect me and I will continue to put people first and make sure that it is your voice that is heard in the voting galleries of the State Capitol.

Help Us Secure This House Seat and Our Future

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