Morales Shaw vs. Eastman The Difference

Penny Morales Shaw

    • 20-year Human Rights Attorney
    • Endorsed by Jessica Farrar, the Houston Federation of Teachers, GLBT Caucus, HBAD, and more
    • Funded by local grassroots donors and community advocates
    • Former NAACP Lawyer
    • Opened ProBono legal aid clinics for low-income communities
    • Worked to pass $15 minimum wage policy for Harris County employees
    • Worked with Congress to protect childrens’ right to early education 
    • Worked as a Congressional advocate for maternal healthcare
    • Worked to pass the International Violence Against Women’s Act (IVAWA)
    • Appointed District Court Special Public Defender for the indigent
    • Conducted humanitarian aid work in Haiti and Guatemala
    • District Court Appointee Attorney for special needs children and disabled seniors

Anna Eastman

  • Former HISD School board Member
  • Supported by Betsy Devos’ organization as their Champion for School Choice (FN1)

  • Heavily funded by out-of-state billionaire charter school interests (FN2)
  • Voted against changing the names of schools named after Confederate loyalists (FN10)
  • Voted to close schools in poor neighborhoods and to fire public school teachers (FN3)
  • Voted against giving teachers a 5% pay raise (FN4)
  • Voted to uphold the suspensions of Pre-K through 7-year old students (FN5)
  • Abstained from voting to create Spanish literacy programs (FN6)
  • Voted NO on Resolution for Public School Funding (FN7)
  • Voted against reducing the use of high stakes testing (FN8)
  • While HISD Trustee, consistently cut public school programs and supported for-profit charter schools (FN9)
  • A Texas PAC supported by Betsy Devos’  organization spent over $38,000 supporting Anna Eastman in the Democratic primary. The PAC received a $6000 contribution from Donald Trump advisor Karl Rove (FN11) 
  2. Texas Ethics Commission
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  4. Approval of the 2017-2018 Recommended Budget, Eastman voted NO on 5% pay raise June 22, 2017
  5. Proposed Revisions to Board Policy FO(LOCAL), Student Discipline Eastman voted NO February 11, 2016
  6. Approval of 2011-2011 Budget Amendments for General Fund and Title III Part A Eastman Abstained October 13, 2011
  7. School Board Minutes December 12, 2016
  8. On an amendment “administering a meaningful set of exams with a decreased emphasis on high stakes testing and a higher value of student learning” Eastman voted NO November 11, 2014
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